The Writefreely instance running the current website is using SQLite database to store the content. SQLite is an embedded relational database which primarily ships as a library with bindings for a lot of programming languages. It also ships a helper command line utility sqlite3 which can be used to interact with database file. This tool can be used to take backup by calling .backup command.


I upgraded the writefreely instance running this website to the latest release v0.11.2. The migration was straightforward, I just had to replace the binary and static directory to the latest one.


Someone at work shared the link of Interpreter Book. It looks interesting and I want to read it. The book is about writing an interpreter for Monkey language in Go and learning through the process. The author has also written the Compiler Book. The books are available as both eBook and physical copy.

#learning #programming

Why some men think of themselves as superior to the women? Why some men try to overpower women at times? Is it really a cultural thing? Or is it limited to certain generations? Is it something hard-coded in our nature which we learn to fight back to fix ourselves? Or is it taught to us through various institutions?

I don't have answer to these questions but I want to ackowledge that these kinds of problems do exist in the real world. It often shows up from time to time in news and media in some extreme form. However, very subtle elements can be seen everywhere.

When I see signs like “This Taxi Respects Women”, I get a feeling that we are still not trying to find root cause of the problem and are instead trying to treat the symptoms. Offcourse everyone should respect the women but why are we not doing that in the first place.


A nice write-up by Paul Graham where he talks about how “studying for grades” in school is damaging.

I bought a new domain tonight for the Writefreely instance. The instance is running at now.

Git in itself is distributed in nature. That's why it is called distributed version control. But what I really mean by federated Git is the Git hosting services. There are some popular hosted services like Github and then there are open source #selfhosted alternatives like Gitea and Gogs. But for someone to switch to something like Gitea entirely is not an option (if they want to contribute in other projects) since there is no way of creating pull requests or follow projects across the services. For someone to create a pull request, they need to have an account on existing hosting service and create it from there. This feels limiting considering the distributed nature of underlying software, Git.


Songs from “Yeh Meri Family” keep playing in my head.


On one of my explorations for Selfhosted software, I came across Miniflux. It is a very minimal feed reader web application. On little research I found out that it is a Golang rewrite of Miniflux v1 originally written in PHP. I have a sweet spot for Golang software specially web applications. Setting them up is really just a matter of installing binary and setting up a system service. I decided to give it a try so I went on the website and turns out the developers provide a hosted solution for just $15/year with a 15-day trial.


I was a user of Pocket, in fact one of the top 5% users until recently when I decided to switch to Instapaper. Why? you ask, I had several reasons and I'm going to talk about them. First reason, the sole job of a Read It Later app is to parse the webpage and present it nicely when asked for and stay out of the way. Pocket's parser is not the best especially when the page contains source code. Sometimes it would entirely remove the code or parse it as normal text removing all the formatting. This defects the sole purpose of Pocket. Second reason, the free version of Pocket lacks full-text search which basically means I cannot search 500+ saved articles. Now, offcourse one can pay the 4.99$/month price to get that feature but I never wanted to pay because of the first reason. This really bugged me in past few days since I wanted to search something and tried to go through the list of articles saved but couldn't find it. So, I finally decided to switch.